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planet of apes

An alien can be defined as (1) someone or something unfamiliar, unlike what has previously been known, different from the norm, strange, exotic; (2) someone belonging or owing allegiance to another country; (3) someone or something differing in nature or character to the point of incompatibility, that is, too different to be acceptable.

A monster is an imaginary creature that produces horror, disgust, and fear. Monstrosity is explored in depth in Cohen’s essay “Monster Theory”….

(1) Who are the aliens in Planet of the Apes? Are they monstrous?

(2) Are the apes more notable for their differences from humans or for their similarities? Why are the apes so “familiar”?

(3) Why is there so much resistance on the part of apes and humans to recognizing their kinship?

Respond to one or more of these questions, drawing on details from the film.

Please no plagiarism and quote and cite properly as i will receive a 0 if not done so.