Deconstructing Analysis Techniques discussion

Since we already did this week’s homework session as an in-class exercise and in an effort to provide you every opportunity for success in your first real quiz-replacing written analysis we’re combining this week’s homework with the reading and analysis of Steve Baty’s Deconstructing Analysis Techniques into one tidy 10 point package.

Write minimum of 500 max 750 words about Steve Baty’s Deconstructing Analysis Techniques using the study questions as a departure point but being sure to include your own best insight about how the piece fits into the narrative of our exploration of design research techniques.

Use complete paragraphs and sentences. This will be graded on a 10 point scale for form AND content.

Study Questions for Reading Deconstructing Analysis Techniques

How does the use of the term Analysis differ between Dubberly and Baty?

Where would Baty’s “analysis” fall on Dubberly Bridge Model?

What “methods” have we learned so far that could apply to Baty’s categories of analysis?