CPSC 285 Database design and programming – Visual studio microsoft

This assignment should use the attached database The program should be designed so that the database is expected in the bin/debug directory of your project, wherever your project may be.

Create a form that displays information about customers. The form would display the information for one customer at a time. It should resemble the form you have been given. For the current customer the form should display:

  • Customer ID
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • City
  • Phone Number
  • Number of Orders
  • Total number of detail lines
  • Total Product Cost – (Total Amount Due for Orders without freight charges)
  • Total Freight Cost for Orders
  • Total Cost (product + freight cost)
  • For each order the current customer has, the following information should be displayed in a Grid (should change when the customer changes):
    • Order ID
    • Freight Company (Carrier) Name
    • Date Shipped (Formatted like February 20)
    • Freight Cost
    • Product Cost (after taking into account the discount)
    • # of Items in the order
    • For the current order, there should be another grid that has the following information in it (should change when the user goes to a new customer or order):
      • Product ID
      • Unit Price
      • Discount %
      • Unit Price After Discount
      • Quantity
      • Total/final Price After Discount

When the user goes to a different customer/order the above should automatically change.

The form should also include the following controls:

  • Your name should be displayed in a label
  • A Print List Button. This button should create and display an Excel spreadsheet with the following information for the current customer:
    • A Title Rows (Customer Report, the Customer ID and Customer Company Name)
    • Column Headings
    • For each detail line for each order for this customer display the following information:
      • Order ID
      • Product ID
      • Quantity
      • Final Cost (after discount)
    • Total Cost (total up the fourth column)
    • Your name
    • Use an SQL query to get the data. The query should be in your program.
    • The report should be ordered by Order ID. Within an order it should be ordered by the Final Cost in descending order.
    • The sheet must be well formatted (see sample)

The program should have the following features:

  • The form must be professional looking and look like the one you have been given.
  • All dollar figures MUST be displayed as currency in the text boxes and grids.
  • All elements in the grids must be formatted as displayed.
  • The grid should have alternate rows grayed
  • Numbers must be right aligned in text boxes
  • The text boxes should be of appropriate sizes
  • You only need to display information on customers that have orders
  • Your database MUST be in the appropriate folder so that the program runs when you transfer the project to Canvas.

The input to your dataset should come from queries. Create your queries in Access. Use these queries to generate the data needed for the program.

Submit the following:

  • A printout of your program.
  • A Printout of the SQL code used for your queries
  • Screen printouts:
    • The form for customer Antonio Moreno Taquería with order # 10507
    • The form for customer Alfreds Futterkiste with his first order
    • The form with the sample given to you (Around The Horn with order # 10707)
  • A printout of the spreadsheet created by the Print List command button for:
    • Alfreds Futterkiste
    • Bottom-Dollar Markets
  • Zip and electronically submit the entire project folder to Canvas. Your folder must be called A6_LastNameFirstInitial, where LastName is your last name.
  • the database can be found here:
  • I will send you the last year solution once it’s sent to me.