Course Project – Deliverable 1

Deliverable 1 will be a 3-4 page, single-spaced annotated list of Web sites, journals, e-mail lists, seminal papers, etc. that relate to information security in your discipline or workplace — which might be based upon your current work or even your future professional aspirations! For example, one might choose either “Network Engineer” or “Health Records Compliance Officer” as the discipline of choice.

Put this information together as if you were providing it to your manager, such as the CIO, CEO, CISO, or board chair of your organization. Don’t just list a bunch of resources; provide an introduction and a capsule summary of what each provides, its usefulness, etc. Some of the resources might be oriented towards management, some may be purely technical. Relate to IRP where possible. You may wish to break things up by subject area for clarity.

There should be no problem coming up with three or more full pages. The cover sheet, references, and any tables or figures do not count towards the page count.

Please refer to the Course Logistics Overview page for additional assignment guidance and formatting requirements. The 3-4 page requirement describes the amount of written work and excludes images and diagrams.

Refer to the rubric for grading criteria.