Confucius on being a civil servant discussion

Pick one of the stories or sayings from the Confucius reading (“Confucius on being a civil servant”) that speaks to you in some way. It can be your favorite–or perhaps, you dislike it more than any of the others.

THE QUOTE I CHOOSE IS: 9.23 The Master said, The younger generation must be held in awe – how can we know that the future will not match up to the present? But if a man reaches forty or fifty and nothing has been heard from him, he is no longer worthy of awe.

In your essay, discuss the Confucius story or saying by connecting it to–

–some PUBLIC POLICY or policy idea that you care about. This can be “for” or “against,” or you can propose something new, but link it to the Confucius story or saying.

THE PUBLIC POLICY/ IDEA I CHOOSE IS: the sudden rise in teen voting in the 2018 national guernational elections and the sudden rise in teen interest in gun control after the shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.