Computer Science

Weigh the problems created by hate-related material on the Internet against the positive values of freedom of speech. Discuss various possible alternatives in order to draw your own conclusions. Here are the issues I would like you to think about as you examine this topic:

  1. How would you define “hate speech”?
  2. Would you advocate placing limits on free expression (as most European countries do) in order to deal with the problems posed by hate speech? If so, how would you define those limits?
  3. Should we attempt to reach an international consensus on how to define hate speech and on the standards (if any) to be applied in dealing with it?
  4. Is censorship or filtering of hate group websites ever appropriate? If so, under what circumstances?
  5. Should creators of hate-oriented Web sites be held responsible for actions of people (such as the ‘lone wolves,’ people who commit crimes of hatred without specific instructions) who view those sites and then commit hate crimes?
  6. Would you advocate special restrictions on making hate-related material available to children via the Internet? (If so, what would you propose?)
  7. Should there be any distinction between what is legal online and what is legal offline?
  8. Should the standards that apply to hate-related material be different from the standards that apply to other objectionable material such as pornography?

Write a simple essay to answer those questions, among 500 words