Complete 4 Short Discussions


Throughout this unit, we have discussed ways that illustrations can help to convey a point or to exemplify an idea that a writer is trying to communicate. No doubt, you find yourself in situations all the time in which you must use illustrations. Think about a time when you conveyed a point to someone—a friend, relative, coworker, or colleague—and used an exceptionally apt illustration to drive home a point. You can also write about a time that someone provided you with an enlightening example that crystalized an idea for you. You might also choose to write about how you use illustrations in your daily life.

Do you use illustrations to teach others? How have you used examples to win an argument, teach your child a difficult lesson, or to explain a problem? In what ways are illustrations a part of your daily interactions with others?


Think about the ecological biome that you currently live in or grew up in. How would you classify it – temperate forest, temperate grassland, etc.?

  • What are the dominant types of vegetation and animal species that live there?
  • How have human activities changed your biome over time?
  • What do you remember most about nature growing up?

For inspiration, see Chapter 16 of our course textbook and The World’s Biomes Page. If you can, post an image taken from your biome of dominant features of your landscape (but please compress your image to ca. 25 to 33% of original size so that the discussion board formatting in Blackboard is not overwhelmed). Please put some good effort in describing your landscape. Posts that say “My landscape is grass and lawns with dogs and cats running around” will not contribute significantly to this discussion and will be graded accordingly.


This unit addresses some of the core components of a business, and large businesses require many professionals for each component to operate properly. For this discussion, let’s talk about these components in terms of the professionals and their individual expertise. Specifically, which one of the core components of a business would you choose to be your area of expertise, and why?


This discussion board has two parts, so make certain to address both parts in separate responses.

Part I: Introduce yourself to your classmates with your name, location, current employment, and future career goals.

Part II: Operating systems (OSs) are the most important software on a computer. There are many different types of OSs.

  • Which OS do you identify with and use on a regular basis?
  • Why do you like or dislike the OS that you use?
  • Name the greatest advantage and disadvantage of your OS.