CJ 468 Southern New Hampshire Surveillance Equipment Paper

Your submission should be 2–3 pages in length, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and follow APA formatting. It must also contain at least three sources, cited in APA format. Your submission must identify at least three different types of surveillance

***Research and explore the different types of surveillance and surveillance equipment known to be used by law-enforcement officers. In a short paper, describe the different types of surveillance and how a law-enforcement officer might employ them. What steps must be taken before employing surveillance? When is surveillance necessary? (For instance, if a suspect has been identified as going to his girlfriend’s house every day in order to use her telephone, it would justify putting a telephone tap on the girlfriend’s telephone and having agents watch the house.) Lastly, what is the difference between surveillance and reconnaissance?

Article: Cornell University Law School: Electronic Surveillance
Reviewing this article can enhance law-enforcement officers’ awareness of what they can and cannot do with regard to electronic surveillance. It also provides the level of probable cause necessary in order to get a judge to approve a surveillance request in which a person’s rights will be infringed.
This resource supports the discussion and short paper.

Article: 21st Century Surveillance
This article explains how revolutionary progress in the world of technology has enabled numerous changes in the techniques police officers use to identify, track, and make cases against suspects. Students can use this resource as a research tool for the short paper assignment in this module.
This resource supports the discussion and short paper.