Christianity & Islam Comparing Religious Systems Chart And Reflection

Comparing Religious Systems

Religious faith is a key feature of most advanced cultures. But faith takes many forms, and religion plays a variety of roles in society. For Milestone 2, you will select two major world religions and do an in-depth comparison using historical examples.


Chart and Reflection Essay (3 Paragraphs)


  1. Step 1: Choose TWO religions from the list:
    • Islam
    • Christianity
    • Judaism
    • East Asian Faith Traditions
    • Native American Faith Traditions
    • West African Faith Traditions
  2. Step 2: Create a comparative chart using facts from Acro and the listed sources. Use parenthetical citations.
    • Chart Categories:
      • Polytheistic/Monotheistic
      • Primary God(s)
      • What does this religion say about the afterlife?
      • What are some worship practices or rituals?
      • List 3 countries in which this faith is practiced today.
      • Are church and state separate or joined?
  3. Step 3: Reflection Questions (write a short paragraph, 3-5 sentences for each):
    • Is the joining of church and state a good thing? Give a factual example to support your conclusion.
    • What is the best way for nations with opposing religious beliefs to deal with each other?
    • Discuss an example your own life when you have encountered a religion that was different from your own. How did you react? Was this a positive or negative experience?