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Transformational leadership is the theory that my proposed steps are based on to address the issue of case #9: copyright and the computer. I believe that the problem in the issue is a moral problem, and transformational leadership largely interacts with moral commitments, and it helps the leader to raise the level of morality among the followers (Craig, 2017). The leader in transformational theory is a moral leader in the first place and the final products of transformational leadership are higher ethical standards and more ethical performance (Burns, 2003). Moreover, if we look more closely at the steps which I have taken as an educational leader to address the issue of case #9, which are as follows: (1) collect and destroy all copies which infringed copyright; (2) call the superintendent to report the incident; (3) develop clear school regulations for technology use, including computer software; (4) meet with staff members to explain an understanding of copyright law and to clarify that copyright infringement is an opposite action to the school’s mission and values, then we see that these steps are intended to raise awareness of moral standards, foster higher moral maturity in followers, create an ethical climate (shared values, high ethical standards), and appeal to the ideals of followers, and all these values are characteristics of the transformational leader (Bass, 1998).: