BUS 480 ECPI Chap 1 Hershey Company Cohesion Case Report

Look at the Hershey Company Cohesion Case at the end of Chapter 1 and review the Hershey Company organizational chart.

  1. What type of organizational chart is illustrated for The Hershey Company [e.g. Executives only, Managers and Employees, or all of the aforementioned]?
  2. Compare Hershey’s organizational chart to Nestle and Mars.
    • Identify three differences in each organizational chart.
    • Recommend at least three improvements to Hershey’s organizational chart.
  3. Give your reasoning for each of your three recommendations.
  4. What aspects of Hershey’s chart do you believe are especially beneficial?
  5. In your opinion, what type of organizational chart would best suit Hershey’s strategies and objectives? Explain your answer.

For your report use APA style, 2 pages long, not including the cover page and reference page. Use two reliable sources or references, including the Hershey website, to support your research. Keep in mind, your textbook is considered a reference as well.