BC6100 GATECH Technological Advances And Impact On Managing Facilities

Individual Project

Goal: The individual project intends to create student awareness of the many Facility Management issues and to provide you the opportunity to focus a literature search on uncovering and elaborating one aspect of facility or property management. The topic for this semester is technological advances and their impact on managing facilities. These could include new technologies used by Facility and Property Managers and how they affect staff and new ways of working for the entire organization technologies – those to look out and prepare for in planning facilities. These topics are currently being discussed by Facility and Property Managers worldwide and are important current topics for additional research. Please select one specific technology and explain facility/property management implications from/on your selected technology. Examples might be Building Automation Systems, Building Information Modeling, security technologies, Internet of Things, or a specialized technology that could be used in FM/PM.

Your written report should discuss a particular area of technological advances in the workplace or facilities. Oral presentation of the essential information is also required as described below.

Format: 5-7 pages PDF, 1.5-line spacing, 12pt., 1-inch margin, Calibri (Body), APA format for references

Resources for APA citation: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01… http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tut…


1. Documented research on your topic, including at least five major references (e.g., science journal articles, books, conference proceedings) on property/facility management or related fields.

2. Definition of the potential impact of your selected area or item and its processes and/or issues to be addressed in the workplace setting.

3. Examples of current specific industry management or handling of the issue and recommendations to adopt or implement.

4. Your reasoning for recommending processes, changes or other procedures to allow the Facility or Property Manager to strategically bring value to the organization through implementing your recommendations related to this technology.

Evaluation of the paper/presentation will follow these guidelines: Paper (15) Definition of the issue 35% Relevance to our course Clarity of thought/topic and its significance Complexity of the issue Documentation of research 30% Breath of research sources Correct citation format Well-developed paragraphs with transitions Cohesiveness of writing Your recommendation(s) 35% Understanding of current state-of-art in FM Creativity in research Completeness of thought Resourcefulness Applicability to FM/PM practice Presentation (5) Overall appearance/audience appeal 20% Logical organization 30% Effective delivery of content (verbal/non-verbal skills) 30% Presented within timeframe 20%

Due: 3/15/2019 1:00 PM