Bandura Self Efficacy Model Discussion

You read in chapter 3 about Bandura’s self-efficacy model. In light of your reading, and your experience in sport and in other domains, please complete the following assignment:

Thinking back over your life, please write a one-page, double-spaced essay explaining your perspective regarding Bandura’s self-efficacy model. Specifically, first, explain the four elements of the model. Then explain whether or not you believe that the four elements of this model that are purported to help someone develop/enhance his or her self-efficacy are valid? Please be sure to use only YOUR OWN WORDS and support your answers by giving examples from your experience.

Please be sure to answer these questions IN OUR OWN WORDS, limit your answer to one double-spaced page, and edit your work carefully. no quotes or citation from the book or internet and write in form of first person point of view