Lecture 5: Chapter 6 Question
Select a topic of interest from Lecture 5/Chapter 6 of your textbook. Then find an interesting educational video on YouTube about the topic. The video should be at least 5 minutes long. After watching the video, answer the following questions.

State your topic:

Provide a link:

1. Using your textbook and/or lecture notes, briefly summarize the topic you chose and a rationale for selecting the topic.

2. Give a detailed explanation of the video and its relevance to your topic.

3. What is the most important information that you learned from the video, and how can it help you to overcome some personality-related challenges?

Lecture 6: Chapter 7 Question
Choose a topic from Lecture 6/Chapter 7. Find a peer-reviewed academic journal article on your topic that reports a research study. To do so, go to the SMU library or SMU library website to find out about online academic search engines. These search engines allow you to research a topic for academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. After reading the article, answer the following questions.

State your topic:

Your article citation:

1. What was the purpose of the study, and how was it tested?

2. What were the results of the study and some limitations of the findings?

3. What were some of the conclusions and future research directions?

Lecture 7: Chapter 8 Question
Review the section in your textbook called “Robert McCrae and Paul Costa: The Five-factor Model” in Chapter 8, beginning on page 230. Then, for each of the five factors, describe yourself in terms of low, medium, or high on each factor. For each factor, use at least two examples to demonstrate the reliability of your self-assessment.

1. Openness

2. Conscientiousness

3. Extraversion

4. Agreeableness

5. Neuroticism