ANTHROP 2200 Ohio State University Primate and human discussion

First, please answer one question. Answer needs at lest 250 words.

Then, please reply two person’s answers. Each comment needs 90 words.

Question: In popular culture, people have often explored the question of whether nonhuman primates will continue to evolve to the point at which they can effectively compete with humans (i.e. Planet of the Apes). Of course, the primary reason preventing this from happening is likely the global presence of humans. Given the information on non-human primates covered in this week’s and last week’s lectures, do you think this advanced evolution would be possible if humans were out of the picture? Be sure to list at least one primate trait that supports your argument and indicate the taxonomic level of primates that possess this trait (i.e. all primates, only strepsirhines, only catarrhines, etc.). This is a three-part question, and you must include all three parts to get full credit.