American Businesses Eye Cuban Opportunities

Purpose: This activity will help you understand and apply the relevant international governmental regulations, laws and customer payment (Course Objective # 12), as well as political and sociocultural environments, (Course Objective #3) and international labor peculiarities and national customs (Course Objective #9).

Watch this video:

Watch Video American businesses eye Cuban opportunities

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Make an initial post answering at least 2 of the 3 questions below using at least one additional outside source:

  1. Comment on what the U.S. embargo on Cuba meant to the country itself and what it meant to U.S. companies. What does the recent announcement by President Obama that restrictions would be eased imply for the country?
  2. Discuss the political risk present in Cuba. What are the implications for companies that are considering investing in the country?
  3. In the short-term, which U.S. industries stand to benefit most from a lifting of the embargo on Cuba? Why? What challenges do companies in these industries face in developing a presence in Cuba?