Adjustment letter to Amy Shackleton – order delay

Adjustment Letter

You work for Re-Décor Enterprises, 7884 King Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V5V 2Y4. You recieved a letter from Amy Shackleton at Monee Financial Services.

Amy Shackleton wrote the letter February 15th, 2019.

Amy Shackleton, the office manager at Monee Financial Services, thought it sounded like a great deal! She could give her company’s office furniture a facelift by using a product called Re-Décor. This product promised to transform the look of the office by covering the surface of desks, file cabinets, and other metal furniture. It used fabric, veneer, or vinyl surfaces bonded to a thick magnetic backing that could be applied to most metal surfaces. Resurfacing the fronts of metal surfaces meant Amy Shackleton could update the office appearance without disrupting operations: no emptying out desks and file cabinets and then refilling them. The new magnetic facades also promised to prolong the life of office furniture. Amy Shackleton’s office staff chose cherry wood veneers, which looked great for about two months. Then the veneer on some of the heavily used drawers began to pull apart. The Re-Décor veneers came with a two-year warranty.

Amy Shackleton wrote to Re-Décor asking to replace the veneers that are pulling apart: “Either replace the veneers with good quality product or refund us the money.”

As the head of Customer Services at Re-Décor, you have received Amy Shackleton’s claim letter. You are very disappointed that the surfaces of some of the drawers may be separating. Perhaps the bonding agent wasn’t mixed to the right proportions by the installers. Perhaps the temperature was too high on the day that the work was done. As you recall, it was over 30 ℃ that day, and the office air conditioning was not working. The good news is that Re-Décor will be happy to reapply any surfaces that are separating. The bad news is that “Cherry Wood” is a popular veneer it is on back order right now and will not be ready for 2 months.

Write an adjustment letter to Amy Shackleton, Office Manager at McDonald Financial Services, 2889 Broadway Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5A4. Find some way to explain the back order delay positively andretain the customer’s business.