Academic Accommodations For Students With Mental Health Disabilities

Format: Your final paper should be 9-10 pages, and include an additional title page and reference page. It should be double-spaced, properly formatted, and thoroughly and appropriately cited.

Features: Your final paper should show off your work from the course, including your growing understanding of our course theme and the skills and lessons you have learned about writing and research. Since this paper has been developed over the course through several different progressive assignments, it is expected that you will use and rework material that has already been submitted (from your proposal, reflections, class activities, annotated bibliography). In this specific circumstance, re-submitting work that has already been submitted for a grade is part of the course objective, and not an academic integrity concern. However, it is expected that your work will be significantly revised/enhanced for each subsequent assignment.

Your final paper will include the following:

  1. An introduction, statement of your research question/purpose/thesis, relevant body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  2. The “body” of your paper should be divided into different arguments/themes. For example, you might have 3 sections, each with 3 paragraphs for a total of 9 body paragraphs. Students often find it helpful to use headings to help organize these sections.
  3. Each paragraph will start with a topic sentence that outlines what the paragraph is about.
  4. Your arguments and interpretations will be supported with evidence.
  5. Most paragraphs should include reference to at least 2 different sources, with at least 8 sources being used overall.
  6. Your unique and original interpretations and analysis should come through.
  7. At least some components of the paper should be written in the 1st person (I think, in my experience), locate your position or point of view in relation to your topic, and demonstrate self-reflection.
  8. Be sure to explain why your arguments matter, are significant, and how they can lead to desirable changes in society.

And here is my annotated bibliography about this topic and the feedback but I got low grades. You can develop your ideas base on it or not.

Please use the example about maccess, here is the link :…

Thank you so much!