Your paper should be a 2,000 word document. In the paper I would like you to address the following:

In the first section, please research and write about the services and programs offered by the agency you are researching. A visit to the site is preferred; in some cases I know that will not be possible.

In the second section, please discuss how the services and/or programs you have written about benefit individuals (and/or the community or families). If your agency or program addresses one very specific disorder or condition, please talk about that. If it does not specifically address one disorder, please reflect about what categories of disorder(s) are treated or addressed by your agency or program.

In the last section of your paper, if you have visited, please reflect upon your impressions and thoughts about the effectiveness of the agency or program you wrote about.

Suncoast Center for Community Mental Health. 1520 4th Street North, St. Petersburg