1 paragraph: Identify a Performance Gap

Computer based training

In this assignment, you will submit a brief description of a training need or performance gap

Remember, a performance gap is the difference between what people should be doing and what they are actually doing. Come up with a fictitious training need. Must be an Aviation-related topic. For example: Our airline has a higher rate of damage to baggage than our competitors or our baggage handlers have higher rates of injuries this year than in the last five years.

Your performance gap can pull from any of the three major learning domains – cognitive, attitudinal, or psychomotor. Don’t try to create an entire college course or solve a large, complex problem. It’s better to choose just one aspect of a problem.

Excluded topics include those that address how to use any type of software product or app to increase productivity (e.g., Only 50% of our managers know how to use Microsoft Excel).

In your description, identify the problem or performance gap you are addressing and the domain (cognitive, psychomotor, affective) you believe the training need falls under.

Your description should be one paragraph, or no more than a half page typed and double spaced. APA format and at least one scholarly reference.